The Vestibular Migraine Pilot Study are in

Vestibular Migraine Survey

We surveyed 209 people with vestibular migraine about their background, symptoms, treatments and more. 

0% said that they suffered from frequent brain fog
0% said alcohol was a trigger for attacks
0% of people who'd tried peppermint oil said it was useful in treating their vm
0% said reducing stress had been effective in treating their vm

MalaDIO is an initiative to create a public health research platform directed and driven by people living with chronic health conditions, investigating the areas of study that most interest them. It will combine online tools and protocols to protect participants while learning new things about symptoms, triggers, medications and complementary treatments.

We're currently conducting a pilot study into vestibular migraines. From this we aim to refine our processes and prove the merits of the concept. We expect that MalaDIO will be available to the general public for research into limitless health conditions from early 2019.

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MalaDIO Project Leader

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