Health Research Democratised

MalaDIO puts the tools for health research in the hands of those living with chronic conditions

The past

A health research sector stifled by outdated approaches and a closed shop mentality, and guarded by the medical establishment and corporations. Millions of highly knowledgable, highly motivated people living with health conditions excluded from practices that could transform their lives.

The future

MalaDIO will remove the financial and much of the logistical burden of conducting health research by providing infrastructure and a set of protocols for every phase of an empirical study.

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What will MalaDIO change?

MalaDIO isn't just a nice bit of technology, or a quaint community experiment. It represents a paradigm shift in the way health research will be conducted, and results disseminated.



Those living with medical conditions, and the organisations that support them, are best placed to decide the priorities for research. It's time the locus of control was corrected.


Barriers removed

MalaDIO will provide the infrastructure and protocols based on clinical practices and safeguards to enable the design, recruitment, oversight and analysis of empirical studies. 

A shot in the arm

The scope and scale of health research is set to explode. In coming years, the insights gained from MalaDIO studies will transform how medical professionals approach diagnosis and treatments


Free & Open

The findings of every MalaDIO study will be accessible to everyone, for free. The methodology and results will be open to scrutiny in order to ensure participant safety and the validity of data


Harnessing technologies

Mobile applications and big data will be combined to encourage participation in studies for the advancement of science. The quantifiable self just got less selfish.


Authenticated yet Anonymous

MalaDIO will ensure that integrity of the data by authenticating users, but also ensuring that their privacy is protected

The Hub

The Hub will be the central organising point for all MalaDIO activities. It will be the place to search for relevant current or future studies, or to propose and organise your own.

The Hub will also be the place to view the reports and data collected from previous studies.

The Platform

The Platform will be the tool used for designing studies, and recruiting participants (through the Hub).

It will the interface by which study facilitators monitor their studies and interrogate the data collected.

The App

The app will be the primary means by which participants take part in studies. 

The app will enable them to input their case profiles securely, and prompt them when new data is required for ongoing studies