VM Survey: Overview

Key results from the survey

The MalaDIO VM Survey investigated a range of areas that impact on the lives of people with vestibular migraine


White western women

Some demographics were better represented in the cohort than others


Stress attributed to onset

Several common factors were shared by respondents regarding events before VM


Concurrent conditions common 

It was rare for respondents to have VM diagnosis in isolation from other health complaints


Low value from some specialists

Optometrists rated poorly and neurotologists highly regarded


Brain fog: common and persistent

Survey reveals preponderance of a range of symptoms


What sets off VM

A range of foods and environmental factors bring about attacks


Vitamins, minerals and more

Peppermint oil a surprise winner, with mixed results from favourite magnesium


Prescribed treatments

Results had more people reporting negative effects than positive


Changes to diet and activities

A range of foods and environmental factors bring about attacks

Want to check responses from people like you?

The VM Survey investigated many aspects of the condition, from demographic factors to medications, complementary treatments, triggers and much more. 

On this page you'll find highlights from the results.

Got something to say about the survey?

The information presented here is the result of a survey, and shows aggregated data submitted by VM sufferers. This information does not constitute medical advice, and MalaDIO does not endorse any medications or other treatments. Any changes to your treatment should be taken under medical advice.