VM Survey: Diagnoses

What conditions affect respondents

The results show a high degree of competing and concurrent diagnoses, and some dismissed diagnoses


Dismissed: Labs / VN

27.4% of respondents had an incorrect diagnosis of vestibular neuritis or labrynthitis 


Concurrent: Tinnitus

40.9% of people said they have a concurrent tinnitus diagnosis. 


Dismissed: Meniere's 

28.8% of the sample group were wrongly diagnosed with Meniere's Disease


Confirmed VM

167 or 209 respondents had a diagnosis of VM from a doctor


Tension headache

Nearly half of the respondents had a suspected or confirmed case of tension headaches


Digestive disorder

Nearly a third of respondents had a confirmed or suspected digestive disorder

Other Vestibular Disorders

VM Just part of the picture

The diagnosis of Vestibular Migraines often follows or is accompanied by dismissed and concurrent diagnoses.

Tinnitus, which may reasonably be described as a symptom of VM rather than a separate diagnosis, was the most heavily reported condition. 

The results also document the common misdiagnosis of Meniere's Disease, Labrynthitis and BPPV before a diagnosis of VM is arrived-at.

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VM and other conditions

Many respondents report other diagnoses, often seen in people presenting with the condition.

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With a condition that is itself so complex, it's hardly surprising that the diagnoses of vestibular migraine is often accompanied by other conditions. 

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The information presented here is the result of a survey, and shows aggregated data submitted by VM sufferers. This information does not constitute medical advice, and MalaDIO does not endorse any medications or other treatments. Any changes to your treatment should be taken under medical advice.