VM Survey: Lifestyle changes

How have respondents made positive changes to their lives to manage their condition?

The survey examined lifestyle changes that VM sufferers could adopt in order to benefit their condition. The results show that some easy changes can make an impact on condition management.


Light exercise no help

More than a third of respondents indicated that exercise like walking made no impact on their condition


Stress reduction helpful

Nearly 8 out of 10 respondents indicated that reducing stress had improved their condition


Regular sleep helpful 

Three quarters of those who'd tried regular sleep patterns said it made a positive impact on their VM

10% & 50%

Ketogenic diet

Although only one in ten respondents had tried the ketogenic diet, half of those who had reported a positive impact


Hydration easy and effective

90% of respondents tried proper hydration, and nearly two thirds said that it had helped their condition. 


Avoiding trigger foods

Nearly eight in ten had avoided trigger foods, with 69.5% reporting it led to a positive outcome.

Most effective changes

Stress & Sleep

Nearly 3 in 10 respondents who'd made steps to reduce their stress viewed it as a 'considerable help' to their VM, with an added 50% of respondents reporting 'some help' from the change.

Botox injections had no respondents reporting it as a 'considerable help', and just over a third indicating it was 'some help'.

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Effective approaches well-adopted

Lifestyle changes that was the most positive responses were often the most popular in terms of people indicating that they'd tried the change.

One notable exception is the ketogenic diet, which had around 10% adoption, but 50% success.

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Many people make adjustments to their diet and lifestyle in order to better manage their condition. The survey enquired into which of these had the biggest positive impact on their wellbeing.

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The information presented here is the result of a survey, and shows aggregated data submitted by VM sufferers. This information does not constitute medical advice, and MalaDIO does not endorse any medications or other treatments. Any changes to your treatment should be taken under medical advice.