VM Study: Specialists

What impact have medical professionals had on respondents

Specialists Overview

The survey asked questions about the perceived impact different medical professionals had on the respondents' condition. The survey did not address considerations of access to and availability of suitable specialists.

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GPs 'no value'

While 95.4% of people has consulted a General Practitioner for their VM, 58.3% of these reported 'No value' from the experience.

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42.5% 'Great value' from neurotologist

While only 41% of respondents had consulted such a professional, those who had seen one rate them highly.

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34.5% value from optometrists

Of the 66.8% of respondents who'd consulted an optometrist, just over a third reported either 'some' or 'great' value.

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70.5% see value from Vestibular Therapists

Consulting a VT or Physio has great reported outcomes


Neurotologists well regarded

Of all the specialists listed in the survey, neurotologists rated the most highly in terms of perceived value to the treatment of the respondent.

Less than half of the respondents had consulted a neurotologist however, and when dividing the group into those who had and hadn't seen this type of professional, the latter reported more favourable changes in their symptoms.

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GPs 'no value'

Almost all respondents had seen a GP, but most reported no value from their doctor.  

With VM being such a complex and specialist condition (often poorly understood and readily discounted by GPs), such a pattern of reporting may be inevitable.

In many healthcare systems, GPs are a necessary first contact point in order to access other specialists, but may be able to provide little insight or relief themselves.

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An inverse relationship between consultation levels and value

Many of the least consulted professionals are most highly rated by those who have seen them.

ENTs are the second most consulted of the specialists (after the gatekeeper GPs), but rate as 5th most effective.

Physical and Vestibular Therapists came 6 out 8 of the specialists most seen, but were the second most effective.

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The survey participants reported on the value they derived from different types of specialists often related to the treatment of VM and its symptoms. The results revealed some offered a lot of value and others little relief.

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The information presented here is the result of a survey, and shows aggregated data submitted by VM sufferers. This information does not constitute medical advice, and MalaDIO does not endorse any medications or other treatments. Any changes to your treatment should be taken under medical advice.