VM Survey: Supplements

Non-prescription oral treatments

Respondents were asked to report on the effectiveness of common supplements in treating their VM. The responses showed some to have great efficacy, while others led to mostly negative effects.


Average adoption

Across all the supplements, on average, 28% of people had tried them


Magnesium adoption

Magnesium was the most-used of all the supplements covered in the survey


No effect

The average proportion of people reporting 'no effect' across the supplement list was 50.1%


'Definite' effect

The average reported 'Definite positive effect' across the list was 9.1% of respondents who'd tried the supplement


'Possible' effect

Respondents were three times as likely to answer 'possible' than 'definite' when reporting the effect of supplements


Negative outcome

On average, 11.7% of respondents reported a negative effect from supplements across the list.

Supplements overview

Magnesium king

More than 6 in 10 respondents who'd tried  magnesium found it had a definite or possible positive effect. 

Peppermint oil has the highest level of certainty, with 23% of people who'd tried it saying it had a definite positive effect.

Omega 3 is the supplement most likely to have 'no effect' on respondent wellbeing.

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5HTP & Salt tablets net losers

When the negative effects of the different supplements are balanced against the positive reports, salt tablets and 5HTP had a negative score.

Butterbur ended with a score of zero, with an even number of people reporting definite or possible positive effects as negative effects.

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Peppermint oil underrated

We compared the rates of adoption with the reported benefits of the supplements to reveal several supplements that had promising rates of benefit, but relatively low rates of adoption.

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Want to check responses from people like you?

Most people with VM are aware of recommended supplements said to alleviate or avoid attacks. These were surveyed to see what the perceived value of these was across the surveyed group. 

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The information presented here is the result of a survey, and shows aggregated data submitted by VM sufferers. This information does not constitute medical advice, and MalaDIO does not endorse any medications or other treatments. Any changes to your treatment should be taken under medical advice.